TUP enjoys long term customer relation with various industry leaders and production companies;

  • We, CARBEX AB, cooperate successfully since 15 years with the company TUP, within Dubrovnik, Croatia. We are buying carbon brushes, blocks and brush holders and we are extremely pleased with the performance. We are very satisfied with the quality of their products and cooperation….–CARBEX AB, Sweden

  • Company “Končar – Electrical Vehicles”, collaborates with the company TUP dd in Dubrovnik since 1984. We are very pleased with the quality of the products and the terms of sale and overall collaboration. We regularly purchase TUP spare parts for the Croatian Railways. Among others; metal contacts, brush holders, brushes, collectors, carbon contacts, circuits…We are extremely pleased with all aspects and quality of these products…–KONČAR , Croatia

  • The cooperation between TŽV Gredelj in Zagreb, and the company TUP Inc. started in 1970. Ever since we regularly purchase various TUP products; brushes for electric motors, brush holders, sliders, current collectors and contacts. Hereby, we wanted to express our satisfaction with the characteristics and quality of all these products….–TŽV Gredlje, Zagreb, Croatia

  • We, HEP Production Ltd. collaborate with the TUP d.d. since 1970 and are very satisfied with the quality of their products and terms of cooperation. We purchase carbon brushes, holders, contacts and we are very pleased with all of their characteristics….–HEP Production Ltd., Croatia

  • Zagreb Holding LLC – Branch ZET has a long-year collaboration with TUP Ltd. Dubrovnik in technical support and delivery of carbon-graphite products; Carbon graphite brushes, electro motors, Carbon Current Collectors, metal graphite holders, etc. We are extremely satisfied with both the quality of manufactured products, the relationship between price and quality, delivery, delivery of supporting documentation, and technical support for these products….–Zagreb Holding LLC, Croatia

  • Vleka in tehnika LLC collaborates with the company TUP d.d. Dubrovnik, CROATIA, since 1970. From them we purchase contacts, brushes and holders for traction motors and are very satisfied with the quality and conditions provided. We honestly recommend TUP d.d. Dubrovnik and there products….–SŽ-VLEKA IN TEHNIKA d.o.o., Slovenia

  • KARBOTECHNIK spol. s r.o., have been working with TUP d.d. since year 2011 and we are very satisfied with the quality of the products and the conditions of cooperation. We buy only brush holders for electric motors, and we are extremely pleased with their characteristics….–KARBOTECHNIK spol. s r.o., Czech Republic

  • We, the Zuhdi Shehadeh & Sons co. cooperate successfully with TUP d.d. manufacturer from Dubrovnik, Croatia. We are very satisfied with the quality of their products and cooperation. We are buying the auto motor brushes and we ate pleased with their characterestics..–Zuhdi Shehadeh & Sons Co., Amman, Jordan


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