Carbon Bearings, Seal Rings, Bars, Contacts and Blanks

There has been the rapid development in production of machine parts made of carbon mostly because of its outstanding properties, i.e. chemical resistance, good dry and wet sliding ability, easy machining into bearings, seal rings, bars and other machine parts. It is possible to improve these properties by various impregnation techniques (resins, waxes or metals).

Mechanical & Thermic Carbon partsMechanical & Thermic Carbon parts

Parts made of mechanical carbon are mainly used in chemical, wood, leather and shoe industries, in oil refineries and paper mills. High thermic resistance and thermal stability, high thermal conductivity, very low or no wettability at all by most of molten metals are the properties which make carbon suitable for thermic applications. There are special grades for the production of crucibles, molds, dies, boats, heating elements, coatings, electrodes, etc. used in non-ferrous metallurgy, iron metallurgy, and especially in production of gold.